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    Ephemeral Content: here today – gone today – what is it actually?

    The Digital Thread / 1st Nov 2018 / Media, Social Media

    Right… what is ephemeral content? Well, it’s online content that can be only accessed for a limited time, like Instagram stories and SnapChat posts. Currently, it’s the newest and biggest social media trend that every online marketer worth their likes is tapping into!

    According to Statista’s June 2018 report, there are 400 million active daily users of Instagram stories. While Snapchat hasn’t taken off domestically it’s worth noting that the 191 million daily users on the platform are die-hard fans. The reason why Instagram has taken the lead is because the platform has been integrating new features and functions to drive more engagement – also, being owned by Facebook helps. Most of these additional developments are great features that help marketers drive audiences directly to a destination that clients want their target demographic to be interacting with, like e-commerce sites.

    But before you run off into the distance and start uploading content, make sure you have a coherent plan. As with any social media plan you need to ensure that there is a clear narrative that’s easy to understand, and is organised into an engaging story with an obvious beginning, middle, and end. In this way ephemeral content taps into a big human truth: everyone suffers from FOMO – or Fear Of Missing Out. If done correctly, your core audience will make sure to follow closely, so as to avoid missing anything.

    According to a press release issued by Instagram, people over the age of 25 spend around 24 minutes a day on the platform, while those under the age of 25 spend more than 32 minutes a day. This means that audiences on are really absorbed by the content, and according to the release, one in five organic stories from businesses gets a direct message – that’s some bankable results. It’s clear that time sensitive posts encourage users to engage with brands.

    The high rate of engagement is one of the many reasons why ephemeral content is blowing-up with marketers. So, how can you make sure that your ephemeral content is awesome?

    Be ready to craft posts that are mobile-friendly, so ease up on using loads of copy. Make it colourful, unique, and make sure to use all the assets at your disposal – like posting questions, using interesting filters, and overlaying cool gifs. Don’t fake it, be honest and make sure to keep the updates coming! At the end of the day, remember to have fun and experiment – because that’s what we’re doing.