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    Sunday Times – How to make it as a freelancer

    The Digital Thread / 19th Oct 2018 / Business, Media

    The gig economy is frequently mentioned in discussions about millennials and how the world of work is set to change beyond recognition. Freelancing is about eschewing a permanent position in favour of one-off jobs or short-term contracts.

    Abigail van Zyl, the MD of The Digital Thread, says freelancing is attractive to many workers because it allows greater flexibility and lets you be your own boss.

    “[Other benefits are] being able to cut down on daily travel expenses and not having to sacrifice time spent travelling to an office.” She has the following advice:

    ● You have to be persistent. “If they’re not working or looking for new work, they’re not earning.”

    ● Be highly adaptable, but know your limits. “Freelancers are sometimes required to take on wide-ranging roles, but some requests will be too much of a stretch, so it’s important to be honest and veto a bad fit before starting the project.”

    ● A routine is helpful. The flexibility is great, but it is important to “set aside regular hours to do the work”.

    ● Time management and people skills are crucial. “Freelancers must be good at managing relationships and workflow, because missed deadlines mean lost clients and income.” — Margaret Harris