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    How To Get That Facebook Social Media Reach

    Abigail van Zyl / 12th Jul 2018 / Social Media

    If you don’t know that organic reach on social media platforms is like non-existent – then welcome, Amish intern, to our blog. Yes, marketers from all corners of the globe have been reporting on how the organic reach of their business pages are way down. This is due, in part, to changes in the algorithms which determine what normal, non-marketing people see (they exist), but let’s face it – it’s always changing, and will continue to do so as long as there is social media. . So, how do you explain to your clients how to get  maximum reach out of their posts? Well, here’s what we tell them.

    Ya’ll Need To Keep It On Facebook 
    Facebook is basically like the Macro Megastore of the internet, they want to stock everything under one roof and make you sign-up with personal details. Trying to divert traffic from your Facebook page to a website that isn’t, well, Facebook, doesn’t work.  Because while they’re a big multinational corporation they’re pretty petty, so reach will go down. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share links that will go off the platform, just keep that kind of post to a minimum. If your client does want a post to spread around the internet like a cat video, get the wallet out.

    Ya’ll Should Avoid Certain Words  
    So, Facebook has a list of words it doesn’t like. As previously mentioned, the social media site has a petty temper, so using words like “free”, “giveaway”, “comment” and “share” will affect the reach of the post. Yes, the word “free” isn’t, well, free – ironic. This leaves you with a conundrum of how else to say, “Comment, share, and you’ll be entered into a free giveaway”, let’s just say you’ll need to throw that problem the copywriter’s way. Those guys normally have a thesaurus laying round.

    Ya’ll Need To Be Personal
    This has little to do with the social media overlords and more to do with your actual audience (yes, they kind of matter, still). Let’s face it, people don’t really want to talk to your brand’s logo, so remember to humanise your communication on the platform. Also, remember that people on different platforms use different lingos, Facebook peeps don’t talk in hashtags, but Instagrammers are all about that cray-cray – millennial speak – #DIRTYCONVOS. Ok… that went too far. Next point.

    Ya’ll Don’t Need Words On Pictures
    Not going into detail here, but Facebook hates words in pictures (imagine that it is a jock who hates subtitled movies). Here’s a tool to use that’ll tell you if you’ve put too many letters in that picture you’re promoting. Remember, Facebook is basically a child, they love clear, pretty pictures.

    But honestly, while these are the rules to follow right now, this isn’t set in stone. So, getting someone to keep track of these changes, like an advertising agency, is key to getting better reach.