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    E-Commerce: Convenience is what you want to Cash in on

    Abigail van Zyl / 31st Aug 2018 / E-Commerce

    Let’s face it, e-commerce has been here for a while and is here to stay with market penetration growing year-on-year. So, let’s stop talking about it like it’s something completely new. South Africans are very happy to purchase products online – for many it’s literally an everyday activity. But before we go off the rails let’s discuss how e-commerce has been able to achieve this rapid success.

    It’s convenient

    The need for convenience isn’t just unique to the online experience, we all go for convenience over convention – think of popping into Woolies for a Mac ’n Cheese over making it from scratch yourself. It’s this instant gratification, whether you own a bricks and mortar retail outlet or an online shop, that’s key to the success of your business. Bearing this in mind here is our checklist to ensure that your consumers’ are getting the most convenient service online.

    1. Keep it short and to the point

    Don’t waffle on-and-on, get to the point.

    2. Make it easy to navigate

    If you need to click through a labyrinth to get to your final destination, you’re bound to lose a large percentage of potential clients and get an appalling bounce-rate. Yes, educating your user about your/the product is important, but if you’re going to prevent a customer from getting into the digital check-out queue, they’re bound to find somewhere else to purchase it. Think of it this way, if you could invent a third left-click option to buy an item online, people would flock to your site. Keep-it-simple!

    3. We love pictures!
    Like moths to a flame, humans swarm towards the prettiest picture. While there are loads of articles about this online, let’s just agree-to-agree and admit that as a Homo sapien you like images. So, make sure that your website is attractive to scroll through, with hi-res images that “pop”. It might seem like silly advice, but when it comes to e-commerce sites there is a thin line to be walked between ‘obnoxious catalogue’ and ‘easily digestible content’. If you’re asking yourself, “Where is this line?”… if you get dizzy looking at the landing page, you’ve gone too far.

    4. Don’t reinvent the checkout experience
    While it might be tempting to use the latest and greatest offerings, when it comes to online payment systems – don’t. There are many opportunities to blaze new trails and be a forerunner, but when it comes to money it’s not a risk worth taking. Stick to using tried and tested plugins that consumers understand and trust. Trying to educate users to use a system on your website is a waste of time and will worsen your bounce-rate, after all, they want to buy your products, not learn how to use a new operating system.

    5. If you can link it, do
    Having an e-commerce site is a major asset, but you can get so much more out of it if you can link it to your social media account and tag your products in posts. To unlock this feature your account does need a certain number of followers, which if you hire us we can help you achieve. Utilising social media to streamline the process not only expands your website’s reach, it also leads consumers straight to the checkout.