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    The Downfall of the Traditional Agency – Part 4 – Sociopaths and Accepting Abuse

    Abigail van Zyl / 26th Nov 2018 / Business
    The more I grow the business, the more I’m exposed to new business owners and entrepreneurs. This exposure has meant that I can identify sociopaths easily and quickly. […]

    The Downfall of the Traditional Agency – Part 3 – Old Boys Club

    Abigail van Zyl / 19th Nov 2018 / Business
    It’s 2018 – and as a woman I’m still made uncomfortable in the workplace due to my gender.  A few years ago I was once forced to resign […]

    The Downfall of Traditional Agencies – Part 2 – Technology and Early Adopters

    Abigail van Zyl / 12th Nov 2018 / Business
    I have a son who is two-years-old. Recently, he discovered how to split screen YouTube on my iPad, a function I didn’t even know existed – did you? […]

    The Downfall of the Traditional Agency – Part 1

    Abigail van Zyl / 6th Nov 2018 / Business
    In this four-part blog series, I will be discussing the inevitable downfall of the traditional agency structure in four parts. As a quick taster, I’ll be sharing my […]

    Sunday Times – How to make it as a freelancer

    The Digital Thread / 19th Oct 2018 / Business, Media
    The gig economy is frequently mentioned in discussions about millennials and how the world of work is set to change beyond recognition. Freelancing is about eschewing a permanent […]

    What do boutique agencies think about big player movements?

    The Digital Thread / 19th Oct 2018 / Business, Media
    Freelance writer Andrew Macfarlane says there’s been some movement within the bigger players in the local advertising industry. Consolidation, restructuring, and closures of established offices all indicate interesting […]

    The Lost Art of Client Service

    Abigail van Zyl / 15th Aug 2018 / Business
    Creatives love to celebrate their creativity. Seriously, they have an award show category for everything, at the Chip Shop Awards there’s a category for work most likely to […]

    Bizcommunity – #BehindtheSelfie with…Abigail van Zyl

    The Digital Thread / 1st Aug 2018 / Business
    Bizcommunity recently published this interview with our managing director, Abigail van Zyl. This Women’s Month, we go behind the selfie with Abigail van Zyl who decided two weeks […]

    Why is it so Difficult to Understand that Digital Agencies Should Drive?

    Abigail van Zyl / 1st Aug 2018 / Business
    I often feel like I’m going crazy (and tend to have insane RBF – Resting Bitch Face)  when looking around the advertising industry, as traditional agencies take the […]

    What does the shuffling of the big guys mean for smaller agencies?

    The Digital Thread / 24th Jul 2018 / Business
    Over the last year there’s been some major changes in the local advertising market. From the closure of Y&R’s Cape Town office and its subsequent takeover by VML […]